Friday, January 30, 2015

Fair winds and following seas

My daughter is starting a sail today and this phrase from the US navy came to mind. I had to look it up didn't remember it exactly  but I knew it meant good luck.

While it is associated with the US navy this phrase which is really two quotes to make a nautical wish of good luck,.  "fair winds" generally means good luck in a journey  and "following seas" implies the movement of the water, the waves, and the surface, correspond with the movement of the tide.Which means the boat won't pound into the wave.

For some reason using this phrase brings tears to my eyes this morning.  Obviously still watch way too much NCIS.

There is a blanket of snow here in Montreal this morning. My friend in Ireland was expecting snow yesterday and it's snowing in Paris. That giant storm that wasn't as bad as predicted on the East cost the past week is still dumping in Europe. The storm that keeps giving... 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

My daughter decorates her living space with heavy Walmart artichokes

One of the items my eldest daughter is pleased with is this bigger then life artichoke that she picked up at Walmart. For one it's so heavy that her cat Loche won't toss it on the floor. That is always a bonus when adding accents to a room.  I wonder how she likes her sewing machine, a Janome SUV1108.

Last year I got from the President's choice grocery store, a down vest, from their Joe Fresh line. It was black and down filled, and I loved it so much I bought this years model in olive green.

I also got one for a friend in Olive green and she loves it too, so ended up getting the last men's for my buddy in Ireland. Most of this winter, he's been complaining about how he just doesn't seem to be able to warm up. Makes sense it's always damp in Ireland and that is bone chilling. I mailed the package last Thursday and it got to him today.  He called it a body warmer :)  He says it fits perfectly and was going to wear it today to ride to Dublin.  I'm hoping it keeps him as warm as it keeps us.

My dentist changed receptionist, what after 20 years, and the new ones don't know me very well, so I never got my reminder cal at work, forgot completely I had an appointment. Felt like a heel. But I have poor memory for appointments. Always have. Need reminding.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunrise with rainbow effect

But the rainbow doesnt really show on photo.

Skyped with my eldest daughter last night for about 2 hours. I was happy especially since she sails on Friday until late March. So got to talk to her for a bit.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Still loving my Roots Barron Canyon 4 person tent

I did a review of my tent back in September 2013, when I'd only had it half a season. In 2014 it was the only tent I used. It went with me around Cape Breton, and survived several very windy spots, including Corney Brooke Campsite along the gulf side, and Meat Cove on top of a cliff Atlantic side. It survived both Fundy National Park and Murray beach provincial park in New Brunswick.

Corney Brook. Cape Breton Highlands Provincial Park, Nova Scotia, June 4, 2014

Meat Cove Nova Scotia, June 6th, 2014

The tiny orange spot is tent at Meat Cove Nova Scotia, June 2014

Murray Beach Provincial Park, New Brunswick, June 12, 2014. Tiny orange spot is tent!

Rideau River Provincial Park, Ontario, August 2014
Lac Vert, Quebec,  Labour Day week-end 2014 after torrential rainfall
It's also been to Reserve Faunique Portneuf in May of 2014, a festival in late June at Whispering Pines in Ontario, and another one in August.  Other then that it's been to Rideau River Provincial Park also in Ontario, as well as in the Gatineau region of Quebec to a wilderness camping-canoe trip.  I've used it alone, with my daughter, with a friend and with 2 friends.   The alcove has been used several times by my friends Husky who loved fact she can just scoot in and out since there is no floor.

I've seen no signs of degradation, and looking forward to using it a lot in the 2015 camping season, hopefully as early as April. It's a 3 season tent and the inside of the fly is made of reflective material that seems awesome to keep the heat in. I've never been cold in this tent, alone or with others.

The last time I used it, I had to hang it on the clothes line for a day or two to let it air out and dry. I really didn't feel like putting it up in my yard. It does fine on the clothes line, by putting the fly  on one part of the line and the tent further down. Both were good to put away in the bag until spring. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

My kitten is 9 months old

Toby is still incredibly cute. Hes also taken to grooming Pixie who has been having issues the past few years due to his weight. Pixie is loving the attention and has bonded with Toby much faster then he did with Ziva or Jethro. 

I'll finish bathing you later, it's nap time.
Sorry I almost fell off the couch.
Stay still I can't lick your ear properly
I was sleeping before you came out with your camera
Look it's  stretch Armstrong!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Syria's Spotty Future

Syria's Spotty Future -  Pastel

This is one of a series of pastels I did with spots. This one I finished in June 2011. I name it Syria's Spotty future.  Considering it's 3 1/2 years later

The other 2 pastels I did in the same time frame, inspired by Syria's Arab spring. Also finished in June of 2011, after which I haven't really drawn.

Syrian women watching the sunset on another brutal day

Mosque in Damascus under a blood red sky

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New funky sarongs

Found a few more sarongs at value village in the past few weeks. These are the prettiest ones.

The pink one was totally new, never even been washed. Was also $5.99, the most expensive 2nd hand sarong that I picked up. 
Love the pretty design on this one
Love the colours of this one

Friday, January 23, 2015

Not a big fan of Royalty

However I do have to give credit to Queen Elizabeth II, she has chutzpah!  This article is well worth the read.

This time it's true.....

Back in 2011, I likened the head of Saudi Arabia to Schrodinger's cat.

Today he's really dead. Here's a summary of his life.

While KSA is still the most backwards country in the world, where women still can't drive, he "apparently" tried to slowly bring his country into the 21st century. May he RIP.

First dress of 2015

Burda 8510 with a Digital print Rayon
Burda 8510

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gullible yes, stooopid, no!

Was reading something the other day and I had an AHA moment.

1) I shouldn't be reading random things on the internet in the middle of the night.[Well other then silly little articles about sex. Those are always fun]

2) I should always verify what I read with reputable sources. Though sometimes reputable sources don't talk about certain things. However if all articles I find on a subject are from some obscure papers, and all based on one another... sounds like ... well.. bs.

3) If it makes me really think WTF, then I should investigate more, because it's likely the rantings of a not all here individual. I've had people in my life that were not always centered in reality.

4) There are a lot of deranged individuals with really strange agenda's. Including heads of states.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beautiful sunrise

All I could think was WTF?

It's the 2nd or third night in a row that fall asleep around 10sh and wake up around 2ish. ANd then have a phenomenally hard time getting back to sleep.

I did read some between 2 and 3 AM this morning, and I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the 9th circle group but if any of what I read is true... then.. wtf. 

Sometimes I wonder how much of the news that we are exposed to is real and how much is fabricated. I wonder about Charlie Heddo for instance. Sounds like a ploy to get rid of more of our individual freedoms.

Anyways here is a link to an article I found, and what makes me believe it's true is that it does refer to incidents I have heard about. Of course the best way to make people believe what you write is sprinkle it with half truths.

I dunno what to think but whether imagine or real it's very CREEPY!

I wonder what my dad would think. Sadly he's not around anymore for me to ask.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Syrian Story.

Is a poignant short film by my 2nd husband. Check it out here. It has been shown at many film festivals and is still being chosen for more.

I don't blog about Syria anymore, but the Syrian people are still in my heart. It's horrible that it's going on almost 4 years later. It's horrible that the world not only watches by but different countries provide the arms for the different terrorist factions. Make no mistakes the average Syrian wants nothing to do with ISIS or Al-Queda, or  having a muslim state.  The average Syrian just wants a country where his children can grow in peace without fear for having an opinion that is different from it's ruler.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Awesome week-end

Wonderful week-end spend in the company of my friends from Kingsbury. I generally have a great time when I spend it with them and this time was no exception. We wandered around several thrift shops, where I found some more silk scarves. We found some cool lingerie that fit my friend.

It sucks that clothes made for more voluptuous women assume they want to hide their curves. Sometimes a voluptuous woman wants to show off her beautiful assets and it sucks that no one seems to cater to that.  I tend to like mideval clothing on rubinesque women because it is made to make them look pretty as opposed to hiding them under tents or very conservative clothing.

We also went for a walk in Bois de Liesse with husky, who just had a blast. She got to meet a whole bunch of friendly dogs, along our walk, and I will do fine having my own husky when I move to Cape Breton.

My friend also made some awesome jerk. I found it perfect but it was a bit hot for some of those who ate it. My friend was not impressed, and found it a fail, but I loved it. Having 3 lunches with it this week. YUMMY!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Salon Amour et Seduction

Was the first time i went to Le Salon de L'Amour et Seduction and it maybe the last time. So many of the booths had little to do with the subject.

One of the first booths upon arrival was POTS and PANS. Like  WTF? ??? There was 2 different booths dedicated to bamboo pillows. Then half a dozen booths trying to sell 'erotic vacations'. and nudist clubs. That's a real waste of space. Other then the fact that all performers also had booths. Which left not so many booths to sell lingerie and sex toys. You would think the bigger sex shops in Montreal would have had a booth but they didn't.

Even some of the booths with toys didn't even have demo models and boxes were sealed. So can't tell what you're buying. Some of the booths with lingerie & corsets were just thieves. We saw a sexy dress there for $60 and we found the same thing at La Vie en Rose l'entrepot, for $20 plus an extra 40% off. So that boutique went to all local stores bought at cheap prices and resold for lots of money.

That leads me to think that the prices for the booths are especially steep.  We figured we would have had a better time and seen more cool new stuff if we had gone to three big well known sex shops around Montreal.  I'm not going back ever again to this Salon....

Hot and saucy

Lately with my lunch I've been having hot sauce. At home I have a bottle of Franks but I saw this one at a good price at Maxi and decided to give it a chance.   Does not burn much in your mouth, but afterwards you feel nice and warm. It has a nice taste, unlike, say Tabasco, which is icky tasting... 

I've been eating this hot sauce with my Protein Power Goddess bowl. YUMMY!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I was not crowned today...

It was just a fitting. Spent an hour in the dentist chair and his assistant kept using me to put tools on for dentist to then use later, but she but them too close to my neck and that seems to trigger in me the urge to want to hit her. Thankfully I didn't :)

I usually take Decarie blvd to NDG avenue, then down Westmount blvd to Lansdowne, then Sherbrooke to Mount Pleasant And then it's the search for parking up it or down Elm.

View down Lansdowne between Cote St Antoine and Sherbrooke Street West.

Enjoying the new Shampoo.

I picked up some new shampoo to help with my itchy dry winter scalp. I mean I already only wash my hair twice a week, because of how dry my scalp gets. This is not new. Until I was 5 my mom only washed my hair once a week for the same reason and twice a year I'd get an oil treatment.

The shampoo I picked up Jason Tea Tree Shampoo smells nice, feels nice when I use it, and it does remove the itchies. Bonus, I talked about my right ear that has seborrhoeic eczema. Well one wash of the ears at the same time as I shampoo scalp and it's gone.  Will be washing the outside of my ears with the shampoo the rest of the winter.  Between that and Noxzema, my ear is happy!

I also got the conditioner. Smells just as nice and makes my hair nice and manageable.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cold wind blowing on....

Some might recognize a song by the Tragically Hip in that title. 

-27C plus the wind. So cold it was all hazy out this morning

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Toby can't make up his mind!

So got the last 2 tarot decks last night. The Crystal vision Tarot and the Tarot of the Celtic fairies,  along with Crowley's Thoth book.So everything arrived within 10 days

.Toby seems to like the two that start with Crys.....

Monday, January 12, 2015

Girls, Girls, Girls

Nope not talking about the Motley Crue Song.

I've been watching Girls for a while now. At first it was like watching a train wreck but I couldn't help myself. Mostly because I didn't want to see how stupid one can be as a 20 something female in a large city. I was not much better at that age.

I like the TV show Girls even more after knowing it is written by a 20-something woman, Lena Dunham, for whom I have a lot of admiration.

It sucks what when someone is as outspoken as she is that the backlash is phenomenal. It's like they want to silence her. Interesting article I read this morning about Lena Denham.   I will be hunting down her book. Dunno if my local library will have it or if I'll have to buy it, but I want to read it.

Hate speech comes in all forms.  It amazes me the backlash against a young articulate woman, but EVERYONE Is CHARLIE, and that's mostly hate speech.

Just sayin....

Sunday, January 11, 2015

He sits with the decks

Toby sits surrounded by my new tarot cards. In the wooden box, mini deck tarot of the pagan cats. Behind it the Crysalis Tarot, The blue box is the Silver Witchcraft and the box in front to the right is the Mystic Dreamer Tarot. 

 Ultimately my cards always have cat energies. I tend to not let anyone else touch my cards, especially not the deck I use for reading. But my cats always sit on the decks, walk on the decks. So my decks always have cat energies and these decks will be no different.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Adorbs....

See how big kitten got? He's almost as long as Jethro. Toby is just 9 months... and almost as long as a Maine Coon. Big Kitteh!

Embracing life

I've probably mentioned before that all my walls came down during the fall this year. This is a good thing, as my walls had gotten phenomenally thick since my dad's death in 2003. 

At the point my dad died, it was just too much. My mom left us in 1999,  I left a 5 year relationship in 2000, my Grandfather left us in 2000, I had surgery in 2001, our favourite 12 year old cat left us in 2003, my children moved to live with their dad in 2003, and then my dad died.

The doctor I was seeing at the time said there had been so many events and so much loss in my life, that she didn't believe I could handle one more thing. She suggested I see a therapist, but the one I had been seeing back then went on maternity leave and I could not see myself starting over with someone new at that point. It was just more then I could handle.

I spent 2 years completely celibate. Which is completely out of character for me. Until then I had gone from one relationship to the next, with little break in between any.  I was celibate at this point because I was so fragile, anything going wrong could have destroyed me. Touch was too much. Though I am fussy as to who touches me and why, this is the point where I stopped wanting anyone to touch me.  That's when I started to cringe at most physical contact.

I build a wall, a very thick wall to protect what was left of me, my sanity, my ability to continue on, like a wounded warrior.  Sadly as time passed and things changed, I was stuck behind my wall. So thick, and I wasn't sure how it was going to come down.

I suspect this wall did not help my relationship with my 2nd husband. Especially since he could see way beyond the wall. His misguided attempts at trying to poke holes into my wall, did not really help, other then to increase my paranoia and put up curtains in the more volatile areas. I do know he meant well. He really did want to help me find my way out of my maze.

I'm more or less at peace with the events that have happened since 1999. I'm still processing some things, but lately my emotionally processing has gone from slower then a snail stuck in crazy glue, to the pace of a turtle. I'm processing a lot of the hurt, and the pain and trying to turn it into positives.

I'm sad that the POF guy got involved in a situation where he could not deliver, but really it's HIS loss. I'm an awesome person, and he'll never get to know exactly HOW awesome I really am other then in his dreams.

I will dance with the stars again, and feel the waves of the ocean. I will soar like the red-tailed hawk and roar like the bobcat.  I will embody the spirit of the dragonfly and bring magick to those around me. I will listen to wolf's wisdom, and continue walking through the path less travelled. I will continue tearing the walls that chain me. I will be one with all that is, all that was and all that will ever be.  I will dance with Kali. I will go to places I've dreamed, but never thought possible.

I'm in the closet

About the fact that I still go and look out the window when I hear the snow removal vehicles. Just 5 minutes ago I was looking out the window watching a truck from the city going around the island in front of my house removing a fair amount of loose snow on the 2 inches of ice covering the road.

I will also go look and watch my driveway being cleared by the guy I hired. Of course most of this happens in the middle of the night. Since it wakes me up and I won't be able to fall back asleep with the noise, why not watch the truck move the snow.

Friday, January 09, 2015

I bumped someone.

Yesterday for the first time since I learned to drive, I actually was the one who hit someone else. I've been driving since 1993. Somehow managed not to stop on time, so hit the car in front of me.  The hit in 2009 driving around  Yamaska, I hit a stupid Sebring but the old lady was responsible. 

I was coming along Kingsley and when I tried to stop, the ABS kicked in and did not stop in time before it tapped the little car in front of me.   I stopped, got out of the car, so did the dude. I had hit the bumper dead on straight and he could not find a scratch. It was actually a good thing I did not try to go sideways, I would have hit his bumper at an angle and that would have left a mark.

I've been hit a lot harder. at a stop sign, both times on dry pavement.  I should have slowed down more before attempting to stop but at the same time there was layers of ice.

So far I've received from Amazon in 2 packages, The Pagan Cat Tarot, The Mystic Dreamer Tarot, The Silver Witchcraft Tarot, Crysalis Tarot, and the book, Tarot for yourself.  Still waiting for 2 Tarot decks and one book.

Also stopped at Fabricville and picked up 1.4m of black velvet, which I got 40% off. I will be making pouches for my new Tarot decks.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sad end to the day

Today I left work at 4:30 and headed to the Rideau funeral home in DDO. It's the first time I go to a viewing of a co-worker. though he isn't the first of my work colleagues to go.

I've been emotional all day. And since Monday every time I walk in front of the flags it makes me cry.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My right ear has seborrhoeic eczema

Yesterday while talking to a co-worker I scratched the back side of my right ear, and found it to be completely covered in flakes. At first I was wondering if someone hadn't dropped a large amount of hair gel or even white glue behind my ear, though I was puzzled how I would not have noticed.

I went home and rinsed it out with water figuring if it was something on my ear it would rinse off. No, it was back once it dried.   I ended up pulling tons of flaky dead skin and putting Vaseline on it.

When I mentioned it to my friend currently living with me, she said I probably had eczema. Since I do get other forms of eczema elsewhere on my body I thought it made sense. I mentioned it to my friend at work, who also suffers from eczema and she says she gets that from time to time as well.

I did some googling and apparently this form of eczema is called seborrhoeic eczema. While the Vaseline did make my ear feel better, tonight after I put my hair up I will put Noxzema on it.

I've had it before but a much milder version. And usually it goes away alone. What puzzles me most is that I was covered it in behind my right ear, and my left ear is just fine.  

Trust Issues

I feel all discombobulated

Probably because it was a full moon a few days ago and I haven't slept well the past 2-3 nights.  That should improve as the moon wanes.

I hope people drive better today then yesterday. I live so close to work and I wanted to kill most of the ones I ran into yesterday.  Some were so afraid of the ice they were going as slow as 15km/hour. Dunno but generally in the worse conditions the speed limit is actually ok.

I've been an emotional basketcase, crying almost every day the past few days. Losing a beloved co-worker will do that to you. I've been tearing down lots of my emotional walls the past little bit, so I'm more likely to cry like a little girl then I would have a year ago.

To get me to cry a year ago, you had to really try and then you were more likely to get anger, not crying. Been crying a lot the past bit. Crying because of breakthroughs crying because of emotions I thought I'd processed, crying because of the good, the bad and the ugly.

And on that note, am taking my crying self to bathe and get myself ready for work.

The big excitement in my life this week will be when my Amazon orders arrive. As it stands 3 packages are on their way, 2 from UPS and 1 from Post Canada so far, with 5 of the 8 items I ordered. One is supposed to arrive today!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Stop signs exist only for ME in this part of Montreal

Already a sign of stopping at a stop sign is a sign of weakness and for many if they see you stopped, it means they don't have to stop.

But on ICY days it seems EVERYONE cannot stop. Except me.

I seem to be able to stop at stop signs, and my doing so means NO ONE ELSE DOES.

On a day like today I feel like driving like the road belonged to me and see how people like it when I blatantly disregard street signs.

I hate people. I hate the West island of Montreal, I hate Montreal, I hate being here at my job.

and 2015 already really sucks.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Good-bye Lorenzo :(

So I got the info for Lorenzo Delpeche's viewing and funeral

Viewing is on Wednesday January 7th, 2015 at Rideau Memorial Gardens from 4pm to 9pm. 4275 Sources blvd

Funeral on Thursday  January 8th, 2015, at 11 am 4250 de Maisonneuve West. Westmount. The church is the Bethel Gospel Chapel 

EDITED: Here is the link to online obituary. 

Walk away from Amazon.....

Good thing I'm working tomorrow, I need to step away from the browser and

Yesterday I ordered 4 Tarot decks:  Crysalis Tarot, Crystal Visions Tarot, Silver Witchcraft Tarot and the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies.

Today I ordered 2 Tarot decks: Mystic Dream Tarot and Tarot of Pagan cats,  but in the mini format which should be the same size as regular playing cards, for playing crazy 8's for instance. :)  No I don't intend to play cards with the Tarot of the Pagan cats, but it will fit in my camping gear more easily then bigger Tarot cards.

I also ordered 2 Tarot books, One is Crowley's Thoth book. I could have sworn I had a copy but some of my books have disappeared with time.  The other is a book that my daughter has Tarot for yourself, by Mary Greer, and I wanted to use it to do practice my tarot reading skills. It's very likely I gave the book to my daughter because at the time I did not use it. But I know I've looked for it twice in my house since she left. So best buy myself a new copy.

As for the two friends of mine who so nicely tried telling me I wasn't a fool, well it doesn't matter whether I was or not, if I feel like I was played like a fool, it's a feeling.... and it's going to take a while to go away. 

Double Dick Dude

Stumbled upon this article this morning, posted by a friend and found it fascinating.

This man was born with 2 fully functionally penises. If you want to see it for yourself just go on Tumbr, and search for DoubleDickDude.  You can also  read this.

I'm very curious to read his memoir. I find it awesome that he is currently happily in a relationship with a couple with whom he has a nice 3-way relationship.  It just goes to show that for just about any differences you might have someone out there is going to love you not despite it but also because of it.

Finding that person might be hard but I think in this day and age with the internet, we have a much higher chance of finding people who like us for who we are then ever before.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

My baby called me :)

I was so thrilled last night, my youngest daughter. who currently lives in London, UK,  messaged me on Facebook and asked if it was ok to Skype.

I only have skype on my Android at the moment, but I have skyped already several people that way, full video no less and it amazes me that sometimes it's even better then MSN messenger used to be back in 2007 with video. Though it has it's issues too. Sometimes sound still doesn't come across properly.

Anyhow, we talked about 2 hours, was very cool. I is a happy mama.

I've also spent hours on this site researching tarot decks. There are 3 that are really talking to me at the moment that are for sale on Amazon and I might actually order them today.

My friend in Ireland wants me to do a reading for him, and I've tried reading with both my Witches Tarot [the Ellen Cannon Reid version] and my Tarot of the Spirit without much success.  I've outgrown my witches Tarot and I'm finding my Tarot of the Spirit too dark. 

 I haven't been able to read with my Thoth Crowley deck since my early 20's.  I mean I can, but it scares me a little. I've predicted deaths and destruction with that deck with scary accuracy and was made to be afraid of it.    I still LOVE my Thoth deck. I love to sit with it and meditate. But I really don't want to read anyone's future with it.

The 3 decks that are talking to me the most at the moment are the Chrysalis Tarot,  the Mystical Cats Tarot, and the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies.   I've got them in my Amazon cart ready to purchase.

There was the Rainbow Travellers Tarot that talked to me but must be purchased from the Artist. Not sure I want it that badly atm.

There's a few others talking to me that I put in my Amazon wish list, like the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, the Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit, The Silver Witchcraft Tarot Kit, and the Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey.

I have spent hours looking at tarot decks and reading reviews. It's not the same as seeing the cards in person like I used to be able to at the Melange Magique back in the day.   They had a binder that displayed each deck they had for sale, as many cards as would fit the page for the deck.  Helped me choose the Witches Tarot and the Tarot of the Spirit.

Friday, January 02, 2015

I'm such a fool

This guy I met on POF back in September, I get the feeling he's had a fun time stringing me along.

December 19th, the day my vacation started he said it was great to be on vacation that he'd see me a couple of times at least.

What a load of hogwash. I got exactly ONE FUCKING text message from him since the 19th.

Yep. Couldn't even be bothered to send me messages during his vacation.I can't believe I bought into his story. What a fucking naive idiot I have been.

The sad part is I like the guy. But at this point I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

You know when you tell someone you have trust issues and they do exactly what it takes to make them worse.

I mean I didn't want an intense relationship where you spend 24-7, 7 days a week with someone. I thought wanting to see someone about once a week and talk most days would be sufficient. Along with the odd week-end camping or canoeing trip.

But apparently that's too much too ask.

Apparently I'm at the very bottom of things that matter for him.

You'd think at my age I wouldn't be played like a fool, but apparently there's no fool like an old fool.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy 2015 - with a bad start.

The new year started poorly. Looking at my Facebook feed this morning I realized something was horribly wrong. I saw a message from a ex work colleague to another work colleague about his passing.

I was shocked. I've worked with Lorenzo Delpeche somewhere between 15-20 years. He was a funny, interesting and a sweet man.

He used to screech my name in his high falsetto voice when he would see me, which would make me blush a little and smile coyly.

With most interactions, I would leave with a smile on my face. He brought smiles and laughter to most who got to know him.  He was a big man with an even bigger heart.

He leaves behind 2 young daughters, family and friends who miss him already tremendously. May you rest in peace Lorenzo.

Updated with funeral information.