Friday, May 27, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

He's sooooooooo cute!

I know. I'm being all mushy.  This guy brings out the mushy in me. I don't like showing anyone that I'm mushy.  Anyways, this is my sweetie hamming it up for the camera for me.

Smiling for me.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

All the dresses I made for myself in 2016

Retro mod dress using tie-dye gauze

Soft Rayon dress

Obnoxious cotton knit

He said there was only 1 1/.2 meters. I said.. I can make a nice dress!

Stretch lace denim

Grandma Grand-daughter dress  :)

Skater dress in very fine poly cotton

Thick sweatshirt type fabric, makes great dress for camping

Fabric is bamboo. SO SO SO soft

Rayon summer dress.

Cotton tribal print, dress started over 2 years ago

First attempt at knit strappy dress.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sometimes you gotta say "FUCK IT"

It amuses me to no end that Buck Cherry does a pop song, and it sounds awesome.

This is the original, which I really don't like as much.

It is the original that I heard first on my friends Venus Satellite radio, and then heard the Buckcherry version later the same day and it had me very puzzled. 

Friday, May 20, 2016


Today I went to Louise Sans Gluten to grab a lunch sandwich and to buy some baguettes. I had my kind of luck. They were all out. I asked, but isn't Friday the day you bake the baguettes? I was told yes, and they didn't know what happened but they were all out.

So  I had Terry drive me all the way to Fenelon avenue during lunch time, and left there with NOTHING.

No sandwich, and no  baguettes.

I spent all morning thinking about how good the sandwich will be, now totally disappointed. This is typical of my luck.

So I didn't have lunch. All I wanted was THAT sandwich. This is the 2nd Friday where fate decides that I don't need a lunch, and whatever lunch I want is going to be the one thing I can't have.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Really? Cortana during the install?

Years ago in Windows XP they introduced this stupid like assistant dog and that didn't last very long because it was a giant waste of time.

Not sure why they decided Cortana is so useful. For starters if you have windows 10,  you can't do any search without Cortana popping up. I don't need her. I can google like a champ.

But Microsoft with their infinite wisdom decided that Cortana once you're in the OS isn't good enough. Now with the latest technical preview build 14295,  now they introduce her during the setup.

I can't decide important things like where my display drivers come from anymore. Something that is a major pain in the ass for someone who tests graphics drivers and would prefer testing the beta drivers I'm paid to test instead of uninstalling drivers Microsoft is pushing on me.  But I digress.
Not ready to use Cortana!

So Cortana isn't just a helper it's also a major spy. It will have it's nose into everything and lord knows what it will do with this information. Scary...

Monday, May 16, 2016

THere was still snow in the forest

Parc de la Maricie

It was 20C on Saturday but there was still patches of snow in the woods.  This isn't even the biggest patch of snow but it's the one I took us in photos :)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We called and it came..

Apparently it's used to being fed by people. Terry spotted it and we kept talking to it, and it walked up to the car. Very cute. This is the biggest red fox I've ever seen. The ones I've seen before have all been smaller.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Really Asshole, what if it was talking to someone like you?

I sprained my wrist on Monday and have been wearing a wrap to keep it from hurting too much. I went to the TD bank and you could maybe see one inch sticking out from under my sleeve. It wasn't very visible and was SKIN TONE.

Some arrogant Jewish asshole arrives to stand in line behind me and when I heard something I looked briefly behind me and then went back to look at tellers. I hear behind me "So did you get that hitting your bf".  When I first heard that I thought he was on his cell phone and talking to himself. Then it dawned on me about 5 minutes later that I have a wrap on my hand and since he came in just after me, maybe he saw me get out of the truck? Then it dawned on me that the idiot had actually said that to me. 

I was stunned. What? Didn't know a better line to pick me up?  What a single woman in a bank line asks to me picked up with cheezy fucking pick up lines?

Either way.... I should have responded in the loudest voice possible "No I got that hitting a creepy stranger who decided to talk to me for no reason".

It really pissed me off. This usually happens to me when I'm already either a) pissed off b) suffering from Social anxiety. and then people wonder why I have days where I don't want to go out of my house, don't want to talk to random strangers.....

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cleaning lady last day.

I couldn't handle her any more.  She's gotten either crazier or more senile with age. So we told her we no longer needed her services.

She was more involved with fattening up my cats then cleaning my house. I have been asking her for years to NOT FEED MY CATS. Pixie my older cat was beyond chubby and totally unhealthy. I hid the cat food, so would you believe she'd bring her own and stash it around my house and on cleaning day would put the equivalent of several cups of food on the floor so the cats could force feed and eat like idiots.

I spend good money in buying no grain extra good cat food and the twit was buying cheap walmart food to feed my cats.

When Izzy took Pixie home, the cleaning lady was distressed because it was her favourite cat {of course, he ate till he almost exploded} so my bf told her my daughter had him and we would be getting a kitten. She got all angry and told my bf that I should not get any more cats since I don't feed them properly!!!!

Like really? Is she my fucking mother, my sister, my father, my bf, my kids, my boss? Oh wait I HIRE YOU to clean my toilets, but you think it's ok to tell me when, with what and how to feed my cats what litter to use.She would bring litter and try to convince my bf to tell me to go and buy it?

I'm still pissed off at her but will never have to be again. I still cant' believe after I asked her repeatedly NOT TO FEED MY FUCKING CATS, that not only did she continue feeding them but brought in food to feed them.  Yep she's fucking senile. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ACDC and Axl Rose, Weirder things have happened.

I like Axl Rose signing for GnR though I'm so fed up of listening to GnR, and it's ironic that no matter what I listen to on youtube, I will get sent to GnR playlist which I always turn off.

I have always liked ACDC. Still remember living in my room as a kid in my parents house when I was listening to ACDC. I couldn't believe they would have Axl Rose sing for them. I thought it was doom.

However I was actually impressed. Axl Rose sang better on this tour then Brian Johnson did. Axl Rose can actually sing ACDC well. However honestly I would rather he stick to GunsNRoses.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

I was spoiled for mothers day.

This year on Mothers day I was spoiled.

My daughter Izzy took me out for mothers day brunch, gave me a card that had me in tears, and a beautiful plant. My daughter Samantha sent me a touching card via mail, and my step daughter Zoey gave me a candle she made.

Beautiful plant for Mothers day

The top of the candle Zoey made for Mothers day

I cried multiple times. I was very touched.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Poop, they discontinued Maxx Scoop!

I went to Canadian Tire two weeks ago and I couldn't find Maxx Scoop. The girl at cash asked me if I found everything I came for, so I told her I didn't find the Maxx scoop. SHe confirmed Canadian Tire no longer carried it. Which bugged me a great deal.

I looked online and found out Purina in their infinite wisdom discontinued the product due to "low sales". Really?  It was the kitty litter you could find at all pet stores, all grocery stores, all Canadian Tires and Walmarts.  If it had such poor sales surely all these retailers would have stopped carrying the brand.

I'm trying another brand, but nothing kept the smell down as well as Maxx Scoop. Not impressed with you PURINA!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Some photos from Plaisance.

Porcupine in a tree eating buds
Wild turkey walked through the next campsite.
Woodpecker from our campsite
Green beetle or Green rose chafer
Random bird

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Woodpeckers, peck!

I woke up this morning to the pecking of woodpeckers. The funny thing was that after hearing the wood pecker peck, I hear someone drumming imitating the wood pecker! The drummer in him felt the need to repeat the beat and tell me that the woodpecker is extremely precise, it's always exactly the same number of beats in the same pattern.

We went camping at Parc Plaisance because it's the first park to open early in the season. I'd been there before with my daughters also in late April.

This time I did not see beavers, musk rats and ground hogs.  We saw groundhogs, lots of birds, including Turkey Vultures Also saw of course red squirrels and chipmunks.  But the cool part was seeing a Wild Turkey just randomly walking through the next camp site. I followed it a bit to take pictures. It would be easy to kill for dinner that's for sure.We also saw a porcupine high up in a tree eating some leaf buds. It was the weirdest thing. We drive by and he's like, did you see there's something in that tree. We come back and realize it's a porcupine. Did not know porcupines could climb that high!
Old Quarry at Baie Noire, Parc National de Plaisance.