Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Is it the 1940's ?

No wait, today is 2015.

Someone should inform Donald Trump. "The Donald" seems to espouse racism we thought we had eliminated after the 2nd world war.

It amazes me how many people support this twit. His stance on Muslims, wanting to ban them from America is about as clever as Germany's ban on Jewish people. It won't finish well for anyone.

Personally I have no problems with Islam.  I have problems with Fundamentalist Muslims but I have problems with Fundamentalist anything.  And I definitely have problems with anyone trying to shove anything down my throat, especially religion. Don't tell me who I can pray to.

Also imagine that, I'm not a follower of the great 3 religions. I haven't been a Christian since the age of 6, my mom isn't Jewish and I've never converted to Islam, but if I had to choose out of the 3 I would probably choose Islam.    However often I'm more caring about people then those who found or have religion. Imagine what that says about me. I'm not nice to others because Jesus tells me to, I'm nice to others because I believe in being nice!

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