Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trip to club Tissu

Turquoise dragonfly print, green flamingos flannel, green batik and a lovely burgundy butterfly print
Rayon knits, my favourite for dresses.
My sweetie asked me what I wanted for Christmas and said I wanted a trip to club Tissu in St Hubert. We went december 31st, and they had a 40% off if you bought the end of a roll.

Well as it happens I bought 3 ends of rolls.  One was a DRAGONFLY print, got 4 meters. One was a green flamingo flannel, that had about 2 meters and the last one was a green batik with about 1.75 meters. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bamboo dress

I bought this sweet bamboo fabric at club tissu in st Hubert almost a year ago. I agonized for a while what I was going to make with such nice soft fabric. Took me almost a year but I love my new dress and it feels DIVINE. One of the last dresses of 2016

Monday, December 26, 2016

Isn't she a ham?

My grandaughter is growing up so fast. She's sooooooooooooooooo cute.

Pajama Pants. Lots of them

For step-Grand-daughter, Son-in-law, Married daughter, single daughter
For step-daughter & my bf her dad
For bf's sister and mom, and the small ones are for his 2 yr old niece . There is also a blue pajama top for the niece which I forgot to photograph
PJ for Mado :)
PJ for my friend who left Matrox :(
I had my yule dinner late this year, on the 26th.  I made PJ pants for lots of people this year :)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Last piece I made in 2016

I bought in early December either at club tissu or at fabricville some nice knit fabric to make a sweater. Turned out great.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Speak WHITE or suffer the consequences

That seems to be coming a common practice in the US and UK.  Apparently if you speak another language, and people don't understand you, obviously you are saying bad things about them and are a terrorist.

And companies like Delta buy into this garbage. Several Muslims have been kicked off planes because people on the plane are uncomfortable. Seeing that those "MUSLIMS" were doing nothing wrong other than flying while Arab, perhaps it's the people who are uncomfortable who should be pulled off planes. After all they are the ones who are making noise???

I don't understand this mentality of Americans that if you don't speak English, you are obviously saying bad things about them.  It's not all about YOU.  No one cares about YOU. You aren't the center of the Universe despite what you might think.   When an Arabic person calls their mother who only speaks Arabic, they are trying to talk to their mother. Would you call. your mother and talk to her in a language she doesn't understand???   So Adam Saleh was taken off a Delta flight yesterday because some white bitch felt uncomfortable about him speaking to his mother in Arabic. She should have been tossed off the plane with her husband and complaints and stay home next time.   Don't travel if you don't want to meet people who speak other languages. Stay in your own home.

Of course given that Adam Saleh is a prankster it's also possible he fuelled the fact he got kicked off a plane to make a point or to see how far he can go.   Nevertheless other people have been kicked off planes for travelling while Arab.

I live in a French province where people also speak English.  I wonk in a company where people speak all sorts of language. Just around me I hear other then French and English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Russian,  Chinese & Japanese just to name a few.  I have co-workers and interns from all part of the globe and when 2 people meet from the same part of the world they like to communicate in the language of their youth.  I don't feel threatened. I don't feel like they use it to talk behind my back.  I've picked up phrases from all sorts of languages and I find it enriching.

Monday, December 19, 2016

She helps

Ziva "Helping" me sew. She loves to sleep on the ironing board. Of course she loves it more because I just changed the cover.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Birthday's leave a lot to be desired.

Never like birthday's. Always feel crappy no matter what happens or who I spent it with. The highlight of the day was the BabyMetal Tshirts I received as gifts. :)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Someone unplugged the freezer.

It's not me.  Of course it's not anyone else in the house.

Except it's only my food in that freezer. SO I had to toss out a full garbage bag full of food. I had at least 10 meals. I had Ethiopian stew, I had chick pea curry and I had a lentil stew and some pea soup in the freezer. Other than that I had tons of vegetable soup stock {used for making other veggie dishes and to season rice} and I had over $20 of meat I'd bought for Yule.  Oh and don't get me started on the 5 bags of frozen fruit that retail for about $5 per bag. Easily lost $200 for food and 10 hours of my time.

The freezer was unplugged by someone who wanted the extension cord.  That freezer can't plug there without one due to the shape of the plug and the fact that the garage door opener is plugged into the plug and goes in same direction.

I'm pretty upset.   It means I have to go find something to eat for lunch and it really PISSES ME OFF. I had food. I'd made food for myself. But it doesn't matter. Now I have none.  I had to throw it all out this morning Now I have to decide what garbage I'm going to be eating at lunch and frankly I have no appetite.


Friday, December 09, 2016


I made myself a long night shirt in flannel. It's really a shirt with buttons that goes almost to my knees and it is so comfy.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Rockstix 2 - The first try

My sexy significant other has been looking into 'Firesticks" to make his drumming more impressive, and we stumbled upon a YouTube video were someone was trying out these Rockstix. I checked on Amazon and they were in the twenty dollar range, which is about the price of good quality wood drum sticks. So I got him a pair so he could try them out.  I'm not crazy about fire sticks with his long hair to be honest and figured this might be just as impressive when played in the dark during a drum solo!

I took a few photos of him trying out the Rockstix and this was his favourite.