Monday, July 11, 2016

Disappointed in other Canadians.

Today I read about a black man in New Brunswick who just pulled over at a wharf to go read a book. SEVERAL people reported him as SUSPICIOUS. WHy ? Because he's black???? WTF?????

The other story that almost made me cry was some asshole who took it upon himself to PEPPER SPRAY a group of Syrian refugees being welcomed in Vancouver.  What possesses someone to go and attack a random group of people they didn't even know!!!!

I mean what have those refugees done to the person with the fucking pepper spray? NOTHING, he never met them before. BUT he felt the need to be a ginormous jackass. I hope they find him, and deport him to whatever close-minded country he's from!!! There was no follow up in the news about this attack, but at least the Syrians took it in stride.

I'm so disappointed. I mean I knew Canada still has a long way to go before it treats it's natives like human beings, but now they are attacking blacks {Which have been in Canada for several hundreds of years} and Syrians, also people who started to relocate to Canada back in the late 1800's. 

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