Tuesday, June 14, 2016

People must think very little of me...

They can't be bothered to return my house keys.....

First it was the homeless ex, who took over 1 year to return my house keys. By the time he did I'd changed the locks.   Then my moved out in October, it's now 8 months later, she still has the keys.  

Then I fired my cleaning lady... who didn't even have the keys on her,,, and though it's been over a month, she also hasn't returned the fucking keys. You'd think she would she's still owed $60 and that normally makes a big difference in her budget.

I lost my own house keys a few months ago and I figured why remake more keys when I already have some in circulation.

I'm not going to be begging anyone to return my fucking keys.   I'll be buying a new fucking deadbolt again.... because you know ... it's fun to change your locks every 2 years....

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