Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I like Atlantic Fabrics

My eldest had told me about Atlantic Fabrics at Christmas time and when we were talking the other night, Terry asks me if I want to visit the Fabric stores in Halifax. So we went  and I found all sorts of Dragonfly fabric. They actually had 5 different dragonfly fabrics.The red one I bought came in 3 colours, but the red looked nicest, The black fabric I got came in black and green, but the green was tacky.
Didn't buy, I hate yellow

Was only 1.4 meters but took it all

THe 3 dragonfly fabrics I did buy
I could have spent hours at Atlantic Fabrics. This was the one in Darmouth.

I intend to go to the one in Truro and the one in New Glasgow when I go to Cape Breton this summer. Will have to see if I can borrow daughter's member card!

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