Friday, May 13, 2016

Really Asshole, what if it was talking to someone like you?

I sprained my wrist on Monday and have been wearing a wrap to keep it from hurting too much. I went to the TD bank and you could maybe see one inch sticking out from under my sleeve. It wasn't very visible and was SKIN TONE.

Some arrogant Jewish asshole arrives to stand in line behind me and when I heard something I looked briefly behind me and then went back to look at tellers. I hear behind me "So did you get that hitting your bf".  When I first heard that I thought he was on his cell phone and talking to himself. Then it dawned on me about 5 minutes later that I have a wrap on my hand and since he came in just after me, maybe he saw me get out of the truck? Then it dawned on me that the idiot had actually said that to me. 

I was stunned. What? Didn't know a better line to pick me up?  What a single woman in a bank line asks to me picked up with cheezy fucking pick up lines?

Either way.... I should have responded in the loudest voice possible "No I got that hitting a creepy stranger who decided to talk to me for no reason".

It really pissed me off. This usually happens to me when I'm already either a) pissed off b) suffering from Social anxiety. and then people wonder why I have days where I don't want to go out of my house, don't want to talk to random strangers.....

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