Thursday, December 10, 2015

Toby visits the vet

Resting last night after eating
He had  41 of fever which the vet said was high for cat and that it is more likely to be a viral infection than bacterial because it was that high. Other options were failed organs, and I was offered to get him a blood test, but declined that since he's only 18 months. Usually failed organs happen to older animals.

 He was xrayed as we thought he might have eaten ribbon and his stomach was found to be full while his bowels empty suggesting there might be blockage. Occasionally a high fever will cause body to shut down. So two.might be related

Was given injection to bring down fever and hydration pack. Was also fed beads which will show where any blockage might be if his stomach stays full.

He ate the minute he got home, suggesting his fever broke. He at 3-4 times over the course of evening and night, and slept well on the bed at my feet.

This morning he was far more lively then yesterday and even played a little. Then he's sit around and howl a little. I bet his tummy is still hurting some. Hopefully he will pass stool and we will know he is just fine.

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