Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Accidental penetration? Really? Seriously? Anatomy lessons anyone???

I dunno but I've never been "Accidentally" penetrated.  Mostly unless the position is absolutely perfect, most men need to guide their penis to get it to go in anywhere. That's the experience of most women.I've never had a friend say to me "OMG I was accidentally penetrated when Fred fell on me".  Statistically speaking it's about as likely as catching an STD or STI from a toilet seat

I don't know what kind of anatomy this poor girl in England had that she was "accidentally penetrated" and the guy who did it was acquitted of rape. Like WTF????

I'd like to accidentally fall with a 10foot pole up his ass....see how he likes it. I bet no one would believe me. For one I'm female, I'm not Saudi and I'm not a millionaire!

I think schools should offer basic anatomy. It seems many of the judges around the world today are woefully uninformed about female anatomy. What with the idiot who said if she didn't want to be raped all she had to do was keep her knees closed... Huh?  

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