Saturday, June 20, 2015

I've angered the canoe Gods.

Yesterday morning, in anticipation of a canoe excursion in the Riviere des Milles Iles, I managed to be out of the house at 7:30. The only problem is that when I got outside to my truck, I realized I'd left my purse inside the house.  I was now outside without a car key or without a house key.

On a normal day, Debbie would have been home, but she is currently in New Brunswick visiting with her daughter and youngest son, and possibly Izzy, who's been staying with me since she got back from the UK, but she was already gone to work.

I called Izzy, who called her boss, who showed up within 15 minutes and was nice enough to lend her truck, so Izzy could come and go more quickly then by bicycle. I was at work by 8:30. Sadly the idea was that I wanted to be at work for 8am.

The friend I was to canoe with,  has been experiencing issues charging his phone, and yesterday morning it decided it just wasn't going to charge. His efforts to find backup battery failed till close to 2pm. I was expecting to pick him up at 3pm at Fairview.  That didn't happen. He managed to borrow a phone battery by 2 something to at least message me so I didn't go to Fairview for nothing. 

So I went to pick him up at home. By the time we got back to my place, it was moot to go canoeing, it was already past 5pm. Would take an hour to get to the park to put the canoe in water, would not have given us more than 2 hours and really it's not worth it.

So for the 2nd time this year an attempt to go canoeing was tharved.  But I haven't given up. Today is another day.

On a positive note, it's the 20th of June and only the past few days have I been sneezing at dusk and dawn a bit but nothing more. The honey has been phenomenal

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