Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Funky silk scarves

The past few months one of the many challenges that I had was to make sure I was not going to start smoking cigarettes again.I had been buying silk scarves at value village to wrap Tarot decks in and at some point ended wearing a rectangular one around my neck. That's when I realized that I could use a silk scarf as a distraction.  I could play with it. While I do that i don't smoke cigarettes. 

Out of the current collection only the burgundy one belonged to my mom.  There's two hand painted ones that were gifts from Nina. The rest all come to me via value village.  Many of them are hand painted and are signed. Two of them are far thicker and silkier.   

The two on the right were gifts. All these are hand painted.
All value village finds.
The left one comes from my mom. It's a Remoy D'Urville handpainted from Paris.
All Value Village finds. Love the one most right. Goes perfect with a funky hoody
The left one is from The Toronto Jazz festival. Love the green leopard print on the right
Boring ones, but adds to an outfit anyways.

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