Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 is turning out to be a fucked up year

That week-end could not end fast enough. Hopefully most of the bad stayed there.

Between washing machine dying, lawn mower parts staying in my hands when I start it, and a slew of other problems, this was a horrible week-end.

Hell... my friends didn't even make it to Lac Vert.   Almost all routes to Lac Vert in the municipalite of Lac Ste Marie, have been damaged. One route  on wooden platform was completely destroyed 2 years ago with a Tornado.. [probably same time frame as the tornado that destroyed the wooden platform of l'ile aux juifs].

Other routes seemed to be either flooded or full of large downed trees.  From my understanding though my friends never made it on to Lac Vert, there is one 2km portage trail that makes it however, their 90lb wooded canoe was too much for that long trek.  THIS IS VERY SUCKY.   Lac vert and that area were part of my friends best camping spots. I had gotten hooked too and was planning another trip there for August.

I dunno what other Gods I've angered other than the canoe Gods. But it would be nice if things started to work out.   This morning other then all the other stuff I have to deal with , I have to call a Maytag repair man as my washing machine DIED on the rinse cycle of my 2nd load. I had 3 loads of laundry to do.

The only good thing to have happened so far in 2015, is I met a new friend in late April, and not on Plenty of Fish.  Not going to say much more except we have a nice time together.

Note: This is the 2000th blog post since 2006.... 

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