Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gullible yes, stooopid, no!

Was reading something the other day and I had an AHA moment.

1) I shouldn't be reading random things on the internet in the middle of the night.[Well other then silly little articles about sex. Those are always fun]

2) I should always verify what I read with reputable sources. Though sometimes reputable sources don't talk about certain things. However if all articles I find on a subject are from some obscure papers, and all based on one another... sounds like ... well.. bs.

3) If it makes me really think WTF, then I should investigate more, because it's likely the rantings of a not all here individual. I've had people in my life that were not always centered in reality.

4) There are a lot of deranged individuals with really strange agenda's. Including heads of states.

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