Friday, November 11, 2016

Sick of being Sick

About a month ago I spent the night at the Lakeshore and it was determined I had pneumonia.  Then I spent a week in antibiotic hell. The pains I had following the taking of the meds was epic. I missed 3 days of work that week I felt so crappy.  Then there was the visit to the Superhospital on the 27th. Since then I developed what I would characterize as bronchitis. I has such a nasty cough and fluids in my lungs I started taking my asthma pump, which I had not taken since 2010 or 2011.

Yesterday it seems that I'm either catching a cold or some other infection. My sinuses are now completely blocked and I had green mucus, which leads me to think I still have some infection.

That being said, I can't see my grand daughter. I'm not going to make my daughter and granddaughter sick with some virus I'm harbouring. But it really sucks the big one.

2016 has sucked for my health. Spent 2 months healing a broken rib, stupid thing still hurts at times when I cough. I also look forward to seeing XRAY of those. According to the lung specialist I have "overlapping" ribs.

Seeing the lung specialist on the 28th of November. Hopefully I will not end up again at the emergency at the Lakeshore. That would suck balls.

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