Friday, September 30, 2016

Live from the Port Theatre in Cornwall

Breed specific laws are STUPID

I've always been a bit apprehensive around dogs I don't know.  Mostly because I've been bitten, through no fault of mine. I've never abused or been mean to a pet.

My first dog bite was at 6 or 7. On my way to school I'd stop by and pet a small yappy dog that lived on St Gertrude across the street from my friend Anna's house.  That lunch time I stopped and petted the dog and I guess they had a bone and bit me.  It didn't phase me, until I asked my teacher for a band-aid, she asked how I hurt myself and when I told her a dog bit me, my grand parents were called and I was shipped to Fleury hospital for a rabies shot, a police officer was dispatched about the dog bite ,and I was never allowed to pet the dog again.  Of course the rabies shot in my butt didn't help. I couldn't sit for several days.

My 2nd dog bite I was a teen on my way to pick up groceries at the store for my mom. Sometimes she would realize she needed something at 10 to 6 when store closed at 6 and tell me to go really fast. SO that day I was running to the grocery store. Just a block away from my destination an escaped German Shepherd bit me in the leg.  I knew he was an escapee as he had a 6 foot thick metal chain trailing behind him. Also with retrospect, the dog wasn't trying to hurt me. I was running he tried catching me. When I howled in both shock and pain when he bit my leg in the knee from behind, he ran off. He wasn't trying to maul me or anything. Since that day though I've been weary around German Shepherds and larger dogs.

It didn't help that one of the first time I sat outside my condo with my first baby, I had a doberman run up to us because the owner didn't think it was an issue to let his dog roam around unleashed. Was the first and last time I sat out on my lawn in that condo.  And my poor kid again sitting on our property around 3 years old wearing mitts on a snowbank had our front neighbours doberman bite her mitt, thinking it was a toy. He was obviously not out to hurt her because when she yelped he walked away.

When I went to Entrelacs in early 2012, I can tell you that the fact Tony's ginormous shepherd dog realized I was apprehensive and he came from behind to put his head in my hand to tell me to pet him. That is he told me that he liked me and that I didn't have to worry about him being mean to me. I have to say I've been better around dogs since that time.

But overall I stay nervous around dogs I don't know.    I do remember my grandparents having a yellow dog that seemed to me like a golden retriever mix, that was an absolute asshole. They eventually had to get rid of the dog because it bit one person too many. Including the neighbours kid THROUGH THE FENCE.

I'm not crazy about any Shepherd, rottwieilers and doberman's.  Pits I don't have experience with but the one living upstairs from my boyfriend when I met him made me nervous. However it never prevented me from hanging around when it was there. While dog didn't know me, dog never attacked me either.

Banning pitbulls and related dogs isn't going to lower the number of people bitten by dogs. It sure didn't in Ontario. The law should be that if your dog is dangerous, then XYZ applies to you. Not if you own a specific dog breed.

My bf had a pitbull for her entire life. She never bit anyone who didn't harass her and she was a sweet dog. Zoey spent 9 years with that dog and has very fond memories. Dog would guard the child!

The SPCA is taking the city to court and I hope that  they change the BSL.  It does not work!

Check this blog

Furthermore, this stupid law makes it ILLEGAL to let your cats go outside off your property. SO if your pet cat goes off your property, and he gets caught by animal control HE GETS EUTHANIZED. NO RECOURSE.

Makes me wonder if all stray pets even pets that run off will be brought to pound and euthanized right away. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Supports Assad but choses to stay anonymous

In the past week someone has been leaving anonymous comments on my blog about Bashar Al Assad. This twit had the nerve to say "Assad never killed any Christians".  Of course this idiot doesn't even have the balls to leave comments under anything other then ANONYMOUS.

Wow. I wonder where that person got their statistics? Maybe they are from Assad's family?  OR maybe they are relatives of Ms Kanou?

Anyone who knows anything about Syria knows that Aleppo has a large Christian population, both historically and than there was an influx of Armenians....

RIGHT NOW ASSAD IS PUMMELING THE FUCK OUT OF ALEPPO. So tell me again how Assad and his army has hurt no Christians.

But before we talk about Aleppo, how about we talk about Homs.  My ex mom in law was from Homs, about 30% of the population of Homs was Christian. There is not much left of Homs than rubble. So please tell me again how the Syrian government, Army led by Mr Assad has hurt no Christians.

Please tell me again how Assad is not responsible for the massacre of Children in Aleppo? 

This is what I do sometimes

Every few years at work I lose my lunch buddy and end up solitary again. Lately I go hide in a room few people have access and go cut patterns. That's me during lunch this week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where is the humanity?

When people lose their humanity and fail to see others as humans, I don't understand it. How can you look at a human and think, meh, they are just expendable, like the red shirts in star trek. Then this idiot compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles, with some that are poisoned. When you see other humans as things, there is not much hope for compassion, empathy and help.

Syrian Children walking near refugee camp in Jordan
Women waiting for food at  Kawergosk refugee camp in Irbil, Iraq
Women lining up for Winter Kits at Zaatari camp in Jordan
These are humans who's lives got thrown so out of whack by war that they left home with the little bit they have and made it to a refugee camp. These are not candy, they are people. #notskittles.

When I look at these pictures I hope these folks finally get a permanent safe home where them and their family can strive. No one deserves to live in a civil war. 

Monday, September 19, 2016


I bought this motherboard back in early July for work. It took about a month to get to my desk. At the time I had promised my interns that they would get to set up this system. This was a mistake due to the complexity of the chipset on the motherboard but lesson learned.

The gave it their best shot but could never get the motherboard to post. The Power supply they used at the time was an ANTEC 850 W which seemed to me like it would have enough power.

The problem was, the X99 chipset is a haswell chipset and Haswell chipset motherboards need power supply that are EPS12V compliant. Thankfully this great informative site, gave me the information I needed.

Originally we thought the motherboard was defective because we tried several power supplies with no luck. Sadly none of the ones we tried were EPS12V compliant.

Gigabyte accepted an RMA, checked the board out, updated the BIOS and returned the board to me. By then I knew about the Powersupply limitations, so I'd asked my hardware guy to lend me one. He lent me a 450W Powersupply that did work. At least it told me my mobo was good.

Then I looked in my other big chassis, and I have an Antec 900 which is EPS12V compliant. After moving the motherboard and configuring it now everything works great.

It took nearly 2 months from the time I ordered this motherboard to the time the system is up and running, and now I've finally finishing installing the supported operating systems.

In case you're wondering, the chassis we used was an Antec ATX 902, which comes with a USB 3.0 plug from the chassis and I needed to buy an adapter for motherboard, because we've had this chassis for a few years and the original motherboard did not have USB 3.0 so the plug must have gotten lots with all the equipment here.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Band Maid

Yeah, Another Japanese girl band.  Their studio version of this song kicks some serious ass. These girls are good and they all play their own instruments, dressed as Maids. What's not to like!!!

Judas Priest Tribute in Sherbrooke

2nd gig the next night in Sherbrooke!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Judas Priest Tribute Live in Cornwall!!!!

The first gig he plays with Painkiller, the Judas Priest Tribute band he joined a few months ago.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

It grew on me

BabyMetal that is. Last week one night, my drummer bf introduced me to BabyMetal. He's been practicing his drums, and looking at lots of Judas Priest videos and he stumbled upon this:

My first reaction was What the heck? However after a bit of listening I actually like the mix of Heavy Metal and Japanese pop.

My favourite song of theirs is this one:

Monday, September 05, 2016

Dresses I finished labour day week-end.

Testing a new McCalls pattern with green rayon knit
Testing out a McCalls Pattern with a stripped rayon knit from Chabanel area.
Turquoise stretch cotton, testing out a Simplicity pattern.
Testing out a pattern I picked up from Value Village with vintage cotton from Mom's dowry. 
Green seersucker dress, that gave me a real hard time!
Dress with Sateen top and batik bottom.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Dresses I finished that I gave to Zoey

These dresses were left half made for months as upon first look they were too big for me, but they can fit Zoey just fine. So I took the time to finish the two dresses below for Zoey

Thursday, September 01, 2016

She left!

So after several years, my friend finally had enough of the work she was doing and left for a new job downtown. It's sad, there's so few women at work. But I know that she was getting more unhappy as time progressed and for many young engineers where I work is a starter job and after a few years they get to do something more in line with their aspirations.

It's sad. I miss her at lunch. I'm not going to hear her humming over the partition or what have you.

We had a goodby lunch for her at Marathons' on Tuesday. I went and had just the veggie pita because I was still having a hard time swallowing.