Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cleaning lady last day.

I couldn't handle her any more.  She's gotten either crazier or more senile with age. So we told her we no longer needed her services.

She was more involved with fattening up my cats then cleaning my house. I have been asking her for years to NOT FEED MY CATS. Pixie my older cat was beyond chubby and totally unhealthy. I hid the cat food, so would you believe she'd bring her own and stash it around my house and on cleaning day would put the equivalent of several cups of food on the floor so the cats could force feed and eat like idiots.

I spend good money in buying no grain extra good cat food and the twit was buying cheap walmart food to feed my cats.

When Izzy took Pixie home, the cleaning lady was distressed because it was her favourite cat {of course, he ate till he almost exploded} so my bf told her my daughter had him and we would be getting a kitten. She got all angry and told my bf that I should not get any more cats since I don't feed them properly!!!!

Like really? Is she my fucking mother, my sister, my father, my bf, my kids, my boss? Oh wait I HIRE YOU to clean my toilets, but you think it's ok to tell me when, with what and how to feed my cats what litter to use.She would bring litter and try to convince my bf to tell me to go and buy it?

I'm still pissed off at her but will never have to be again. I still cant' believe after I asked her repeatedly NOT TO FEED MY FUCKING CATS, that not only did she continue feeding them but brought in food to feed them.  Yep she's fucking senile. 

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