Monday, April 11, 2016

Went to Club Tissu

Sunday I went to club Tissu.Was hoping to get some baby cotton knits and possibly some white snap tape. Realized they no longer have a baby cotton knit collection at the one in Laval. I guess it didn't sell well last year so they no longer have it. Instead they had cotton knit prints for close to $30 a meter. Bleah.

I did find 2 types of baby terry cloth for $5.65 a meter, that was a great price, bought a meter of each, and I found a Rayon knit that I knew if I didn't get Sunday I would never get.

Rayon is green-blue, the terry cloth is the bright colours.

Underwear pattern
They had the Jalie men's underwear pattern I wanted.  But they didn't even have white snap tape. They had dark blue and black. Who would use that for baby wear?

I had to get my white snap tape at Fabricville today.

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