Saturday, April 30, 2016

I love my tent but it's too small

I still love my roots Barron Canyon 4 tent but apparently we didn't give it much thought when we bought an inflatable mattress. We thought the higher one would be awesome as it would take us so much higher then the ground. This is true, however we didn't think of how high my tent was or how big.

This is a queen size camping mattress. While I had established that it would fit in the tent I didn't give much thought to how much room we'd have left.

I had bought a BESTEK 300W Dual 110V AC Outlets Power Inverter with Dual USB, and it was easy to inflate the mattress using the Grand Vitara.

Inflating matress at Plaisance

For our next camping trip we will be using my sweeties, tent which is a 6 person Coleman summer tent. Sadly one of his posts is damaged. We have it duck taped but the first wind storm, the tent will collapse. And though Coleman sell pole kits, it doesn't work with their 6 person tents. I checked around and could not find tent poles that are 240" long. I measured the damn thing, it didn't even fit in length in my bedroom!

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