Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Broken Bones

Apparently I do have a fairly high tolerance to pain. It seems that up to today I've broken 3  bones in my body. The first I broke  in my teens. I remember it happening, it was a sledding accident where I hurt my tail bone. I was never seen by a doctor and this injury is probably what causes my back to get completely thrown. Where my back swells is around the tailbone.  My bf works as a patient attendant in hospitals and does have some basic anatomy. He pointed out my tailbone was weird. One side appears different. He isn't the first to point out my tailbone is weird.

My second broken bone, is my 4rth toe on the right foot, that was severely bruised when I kicked a trashcan in anger after a fight with husband #2.  That toe feels different from the left 4rth toe. 

Last week I was off on vacation all week. Sadly before I even got to Monday, I'd managed to get a hairline fracture on an upper rib on my left side.  I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mostly in bed feeling very sore. Didn't conclude it was a rib until a week later,  Monday morning, and when I looked up bruised or broken ribs, it explains all my symptoms. I figured it was either a bruise or hairline fracture, but as it turns out, if I'd just been bruised, I wouldn't have spent 3 days in bed. I know it's not broken because you'd feel movement on the broken area. I figure it's a hairline fracture because I have osteoporosis and my bones are Swiss cheese.

The only thing I wished I'd known it was broken before this Monday, since it had been broken 9 days by then. Yep broke the damn thing on 20th of February. The hardest part was sleeping. Lying down to sleep is very painful. Some nights it was taking up to an hour to stop feeling the pain and finally be able to sleep. Never mine having ANY kind of weight on me, then the pain was agonizing. The past few nights I've been sleeping on an angle, and I'm actually getting some sleep.

All 3 of these fractures are the type that doctors can't do much for. They have to heal on their own. The only thing a medical doctor could do more for me is prescribe painkillers, but to be honest, over the counter ones do nothing and ones that would, I don't need to take and get addicted.

However I'm really looking forward to being healed. It's really not pleasant to spend weeks in pain.

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