Saturday, January 02, 2016

Life's lttle ironies

Despite the fact we made it home for the 30th around 11 am, and he was home on time for his night shift overnight the 30-31st, when he left for his shift around 10:30 on the 30th, he made the big mistake of taking Highway 40, the TransCanada to get to work.  Due to the 30 cm of snow that had fallen the previous day, the highway wasn't very nice and an accident happened. He was stuck  unable to get off the highway for over an hour.

By the time he got to work, they'd found a replacement.  It was one of those rare times he didn't have his phone with him so couldn't call to advise them that he was on his way.

So he was back home at 130 AM in a mood.

Ironic since we left Nova Scotia 12 hours early to make sure we would be back in Montreal on time for his night shift!

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