Friday, December 04, 2015

Nannygate? Please!

The fact they've been talking about Justin Trudeaus 2 nanny's for days is something incredibly stupid.  People say that since he is among the 1% he should be paying for his own nanny's.

Yes but look at it from another perspective, our Prime Minister is given a regal home to live in [Which is in such bad shape it requires serious work before the Trudeaus can move in]  and with that comes various employees which serve various roles, like house keeper, chauffeurs as an example.  

Bitching them out for their 2 nannies at the price people pay their nannies is a real joke. He could have hired instead of 2 nannies 1 nanny and 1 security guard. This would cost the tax payers a lot more and no one would even bitch. 

It's way too easy to make him look bad, when he's just been running our country for 2 months. 

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