Saturday, July 18, 2015

I broke my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Last night when I got home from my friends house, my phone slipped from my hands when I was unlocking the door. Considering that I have an Otter box, I didn't think too much of it until I tried using it a bit later.

I broke the display. Now only displays in black. I looked on Kijiji, I found that for my phone they charge about $140 to fix the display. I can also get a used Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini between $160-200 on Kijiji. Have no clue what I will do.  I will also go to FIDO to see if they still sell the Galaxy S4 mini's  or  if I want a newer phone.

I had almost ordered a new battery for my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini yesterday on Amazon. I got as far as putting it on my shopping cart and then decided to think about it.  Well at least if I get a new phone I won't have a battery that does not match.

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