Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Unimpressed by Bell.

For the past 3 months now  Bell's  collection department has been calling my house to collect on a bill that is not under my name.  Someone used my address for their cell phone, and now Bell thinks it's OK to spam me 4-8 times a day with an automated call.

Anyone who knows me knows that hearing the phone ring sets off my anxiety most of the time, thanks to someone who called me repeatedly in a drunken stupor and left asinine messages on my machine and other times just lambasted me for no particular reason.

So I've been home and this non stop calling was driving me bonkers, so for  my sanity and peace of mind I had the BELL  home phone off the hook for the better part of the last 3 weeks.

I put the phone back online because my eldest wanted to talk to me yesterday and today  I just happened to pick up the phone really pissed off and Bell asked for someone who wasn't me. I  told them there was no one by that name on my phone number.  They asked if I knew the person I told them NO. I told them to stop abusing my fucking phone number. I hope they don't start up again in a week or two.

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