Monday, April 30, 2007

It's officially a monday

I walked down the stairs this morning, and on the main landing, right in front of the front door was wood chips galore. I had planted some tiger lilies yesterday and they came in a bag of wood chips. Normally I can leave a bag of wood chips in another bag near the entrance and nothing happens to it. But I'd bet Sam's whiny cat, thought "Hmmm something to play with".

There was a trail of wood chips up and down both the stairs to upstairs and to downstairs. THere were wood chips through the dining room on the carpet, and in the main entrance... So I here I was with the mini vacuum picking up wood chips before 8am.

I HATE VACUUMS. I hate the noise and the dust they make. UGH.

It's repeat sunday....

"An accident is not an accident at all..."

said as he puts on [or takes off, take your pick] sunglasses......


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Montreal Gazette & National Post DUMPED

Some asshole carrier, named JOHN AMOFA that lives on BASSWOOD in PIERREFONDS, has been dumping his left over Gazettes and National Post on St Regis, between Sunnybrooke and the 40 highway onramp for at least the past 6 months now.

We, myself and another 50 or so Matrox employees, including my friend Debbie, spent close to 2 hours yesterday picking up all the garbage on the company property, which is up and down St Regis. About 70% of it was newspapers, the rest was mostly styrofoam cups and car parts....

You wouldn't know it this morning because the DUMBASS carrier dumped his left over papers on the side of the road again. With the wind it goes flying. Of cousre when it lands in the middle of the road and it rains, it makes papier mache road and that's hard to stop on.

This guy has BAD BAD Karma stamped on his head. We found his carrier papers/address and phone number. It's a pity we didn't go dump all 50 large bags of garbage we found on his doorsteps.

Matrox has complained to CamWest several times, to no avail. What do they care, it's not an eyesore on their property.....

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Monday night.

Tonight's Caruso moment brought to you by the letter D, I and V and the number 0

Welcome to divorce of the ...


Caruso one-liner.

Tonights Caruso moment was brought to you by the letters T & D and the number 5

Looks like...
Something ...
Caught ...


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Poor wittle Leroy Jenkins is all lonely.

I awoke at 6 am again, and the wind has finally died down. It's still dark and stormy outside. Was surprising yesterday late afternoon that there was a bit of sun out. Was short lived and the storm starting pounding again.

Poor Debbie still has not been able to leave NJ. I'm hoping today is the day. Otherwise I will have to bring some cat food over, she's been gone so long she's all out of cat food. That and Leroy is lonely. Especially Leroy. Ragnar and Leo weren't so desperately missing human contact. In fact Leroy is a lot like Lynx [My daughter's whiny cat], a chip off the old block so to speak. They seem to constantly crave human attention. Cant wait to see Debbie's flooding in NJ pictures. :)

I wish I could close my eyes and it would be June already. I miss my sweetie so much, and I won't be seeing him until June. *SIGH*

Though I was reminded by one of my employees that at least I have email, MSN chat, and web cams. When he spent 4 years away from his now wife, he only had the phone and snail-mail. As he was mentioning just yesterday, by the time he'd get mail, the news was 2-3 weeks old. At least I can communicate with my sweetie daily, and it's not costing us an arm and a leg in phone bills. Although I like hearing my sweetie's voice on the phone, I would feel incredibly guilty if we talked often, just because of how steep phone bills get. That and well we seem to get awkward half of the time we do talk on phone. These long quiet moments....

My sweetie has a deep voice and a really cool accent when he talks English. Sends shivers up and down my spine if I focus on it. Which gets distracting and then I get all quiet. It's ironic that the few times we tried voice chat, we had little success and we don't bother. Voice chat has always been flaky. Remember how much Ben and I tried when he first moved to the US. He had me install dozens of different software and none quite did it. I know my daughter has been using Ventrillo to chat with her Lineage II gaming friends, and it seems to work for her. Hell some nights I can hear her yapping with her peeps so loud I make wise-ass comments back.

The other night I hear her exclaim "SHUT UP!!!!" Although I hadn't said a thing or made noise in an hour or two I replied "Sorry I'll try to be more quiet". Had both of us giggling.

ACK they are playing the White Stripes on the radio this morning, but thankfully it's not the "Seven Nation Army" [Going to wichita] song. BLEAH.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday night, time for...

Yep, you guessed it.... the Caruso one-liner for tonight is "Neither will his killer".

It's still stormy out. It's still super windy, I can hear the squealing of the gizmo on my roof.

Another Nor'Easter Pounds the Eastern Coast

Wow this is the 2nd Nor'Easter in less then a week. This one is supposed to be a doozie. Poor Debbie. She's in NJ visiting family, including a very sick sister and every time she's tried leaving the past week there's been bad weather. Like higher forces want her to stay put.

She tried leaving today but there was severe flooding on the highway she ended up having to turn back and go back to her sisters. She will attempt leaving again tomorrow.

We can get up to 80km windows.. and it's going to be around 0 tonight, with up to 20 cm of snow. Gotta love the weather for April :P

Love the comment on CTV tonight "I guess the one-city, one snow-plow isn't working tonight"

What a rush. I went for a small car ride, to go check out how Debbie's cats are doing :P Yeah I'm a little nuts. That and I get a rush from driving around in snow storm. Besides I still have my snow tires.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another Nor'Easter

Gotta love a good snow storm in April. I mean it has snowed on and off all of last week, but not this intense snow... Love a good nor'easter. We got 12 cm of extra wet snow, though looking out part of it has already melted. Apparently this is a record for this date.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Gardening in the cold.

If it went above 0C today it's surprising. I mean for the past week, every other time I look outside it's snowing, and yet there's not much trace of it. Today it was sunny a bit. I got brave, I got dressed warmly and put into my lawn about 80 crocus bulbs. I dunno how many are going to survive, and I'm sure it will take a few years before I see any kind of results. However at least in the soil they have half a chance. Sitting in a bag in my garage, the bulbs would have had no options. I can tell I spent a good hour planting bulbs, as I have pain in my fingers.

I planted bulbs in two sittings. In between my eldest and I went to Loblaws to get groceries. We must have been hungry, spent a fortune there. When I got home, I made curried Eggplant, mashed potatoes, stir fried bean sprouts with sesame seeds and snow peas and some bow tie pasta. Had a bowl of curried eggplant with bow tie pasta and it was awesome. That curried eggplant recipe is a keeper. Probably the first recipe I ever use hot peppers in. Never thought I'd ever cook with hot peppers.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gardener's porn

I'm sitting on my bed at the moment with eleven seed & plant catalogs. I'm pretty sure I'm getting most of the seed catalogs available from Canadian distributors. My favorite is Vesseys, in PEI. Dunno something about their catalog and the plants they offer incite me to purchase more plants then I intend to. More plants then my current flower beds can fit. I've got all these little tags sticking out of the pages of plants I want to get and I have 11 tags on that catalog. Will have to sit down and go through it again and be more reasonable. It's not the cost. It's where am I going to plant all of it, and who will water it? :P It doesn't help that they send catalogs 4/6 times a year. They have bulbs, tubers, roots, seeds, roses, flowering bushes, trees, berry bushes and all sorts of vegetables.

Then next is the McFayden catalog, that I can't resist. Though I lost the pottentilla Monach Velvet last year, I would still like to have one. But their catalog doesn't seem to have it again. They have roots, bulbs, tubers, flowering bushes and even berry bushes. Got a kiwi vine from them 2 years ago. I wonder if it will finally start to flower and produce fruit this year?

I'm also looking through my OSC seeds, William Dam Seeds, and stokes seeds catalogs, to find cool annuals for spots in my garden I just like throwing seeds and see what happens. Sometimes it works well, sometimes I get a bare stretch of land, depends on my dedication and choice of seed.

I'm also browsing at my Richters herbs. What I love about it, is that they offer herbs and medicinal plants. I'd say half or 2/3 of my garden is either edible as food, or used medicinally. Somehow I feel more connected to mother earth if I grow and cherish plants I also use to heal myself or keep myself healthy.

There's my botanus catalog, they offer more plants that you buy as bulbs, tubers or roots. And of course roses... I have a few roses and I'm not doing so well with them. Have to find a suitable way to not have them eaten by worms that is also environmentally friendly. I mean I have found a way to deal with the red bugs that eat my lilies and friterella. I hand pick em and crush them in the driveway. THe worms, I have to prevent them from completely eating my roses. Don't get it. When the roses were in the back where there is no sun, they did not get eaten by worms. Might be proximity to apple tree. Have to find plants that worms don't like and plant between rose bushes.

Besides I already bought a bag of 15 begonias and a bag of 12 Tiger lilies at Costco for bargain basement prices. Still want to plant about 100 crocus I didnt' get around to plant last fall. Want to scatter them in my lawn, under and around trees. They usually bloom before I cut the lawn in spring, Would be sweet. Might do it in the next few days if it could warm up. It's -2 today. A little too cold for gardening.

Yes.. seed catalogs are the gardener's porn.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stupid government sponsored ads

In it's infinite wisdom "Service Canada" now has stupid ads. Like the process to get a social insurance number is a well kept secret, that we need ads that play nightly for weeks on television. Our tax dollars at work. Gotta love it.

Also love the rain-freezing rain-snow combination of precipitation that was falling today.

Mush alert!

This isn't really a blog entry. This is me being totally mushy. I have my moments, which I try to hide. :)

Anyways I just wanted to tell my sweetie, that

A day without you is like a day without sunshine
I can get through it, but it takes a lot more out of me.

I love you sweetie

Monday, April 02, 2007

Rock Cress in bloom

My Arabis or rock cress is in bloom. I did not realize it bloomed this soon after the snow disappears. It's a tiny little pinkish white flower, not too showy on the right side, a strand alone. But in a few years, the entire plant will disappear in tons of those tiny little blooms.

Another great moment on CSI miami.....

"You know what they say Frank? Speed kills...." Caruso says, after finding out his dead body was just at a speed dating event.

Dunno if I will sleep through CSI miami tonight.. but that is the 1 liner for this episode. Enjoy :)