Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Discovery Alaska Shows Rock

We stayed at a few hotels on our vacation and I got addicted to discoveries Alaska shows.

First show is Homestead Rescue. What to say about the Rainey's? Love their no nonsense attitude and love their unique solutions to make homesteads work. Absolutely love this show. Even Terry likes this one.

Second show is The Edge of Alaska. Sadly there will be no more after the 6th season that just finished. This show was a lot of fun showing how it is to live in a frontier town in Alaska.  I wonder if the town of McCarthy will get sold and how it will affect it?

Third show is Alaska: The Final frontier. This show resonates the most with me.  These people are intelligent folks who decided to live mostly from what they make on the homestead. The show makes it out that they will die if they don't get their winter food, but there's like a town driving distance from them, where one family goes to see new movies on a regular basis. It's obvious they are educated folks who prefer to live a "simple life" depending the least possible on society. It doesn't mean they are completely off grid or don't benefit from going to the store but if they can find it or recycle it why go to the store. My favourite character is Jane Kilcher. She's a woman, who worked as a professional fisherman for over 10 years. Woman after my own heart. She's also a mom and she seems ok with the hard life on the homestead.

I've watched a bit of Alaskan Bush people ,and not as thrilled with the Browns as with the Kilchers. They aren't as polished or as educated.

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