Sunday, December 24, 2017

Grain free cat food

Since I've had Jethro I've been trying to give my cats grain free cat food. It started with Taste of the Wild. The Venison and salmon formula. My cats love that food so much, there always has to be some at home. It was for Zeke if I remember correctly the first time I got grain free food to address his bare belly issues. The only one around at the time was a duck recipe that he didn't seem to mind but all the other cats hated.

Then my next go to brand is Orijen and their other label Acana. They make good grain free food that my cats like, though they prefer some formula's better than others.

Recently I found North Paw cat food. It's new, Canadian and grain free.They seem to love it. So next time I'll get a really big bag. I find if you give your cats the same food all the time, they get bored. So variety is key, but it has to be a variety that they enjoy.
 I found this cat food a few months back and the day I brought it home there was no cat treats, they were going crazy over this food like it was cat treats! It's called Terra Ultra cat food

For Christmas this year I got the cats Wild Boar treats. Lets see if they go as crazy as for the NumNums!

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