Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sewers have not been cleaned since May floods

Sewer at end of my property. Water is 18" down. Normally if I see it, it's about 6ft down.
Terry brought to my attention today that the sewers were nearly full. Still. Now I  know the water table can be pretty high here, it rained a lot this summer after the floods of the spring, but really the sewers should not be this full.

I can't believe that on streets where residents got flooded or sewage backed into their homes, or water came in through the sewers, that they didn't even bother CLEANING the sewers . I just filled a complaint with Pierrefonds public works this morning.

Got someone in yesterday to give me estimate on fixing the large crack in my foundation that I discovered after the basement was bared as well as reinstalling sump pumps,  and got a plumber in today to put in backup valves as I'm still getting sewage coming up in my basement.  Could be related too the the full sewers!

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