Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome to the house of the rising lice.

When I went to Fabricville on Satuday I was itchy like hell,. I figured it was the thought of lice that made me itchy. Think again.

I have LICE.  We found 2 adults about 12 teens and probably 50 eggs.   I'm so pissed. The best way to find them is to slather on lots of conditioner and go through with a fine tooth comb. The lice can't run and hide because it gets stuck in the conditioner. The first time he checked me on Wednesday, we didn't use the conditioner, so the fucking bugs probably ran and were not seen. Assholes.

Until last night thought it seemed my boyfriend with his long blonde hair all the way down his back, didn't have any. It seems they aren't on his scalp but hiding in the length of the hair. For the past 2 weeks he's been complaining about having itchy shoulders. Well yeah his lice hang out in the length on his back.... That's where we found a couple ... not on his scalp but in the length.  I would have been so pissed if I had them and he didn't. I mean we sleep cuddled. If they are on my head they should be on his.

We have yet to do treatment because he's working nights and we want to do treatment at same time. We want to use NYDA which has to be on head for 8 hours overnight.  He's not working tomorrow night so that's when we will be treated. Until then using tea tree shampoo and conditioner and passing fine tooth comb in hair twice a day to get rid of the live ones.

I got lice because I put my winter coat on the coat rack above or below Zoeys jacket during the holidays. Sucks balls. 

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