Thursday, January 12, 2017

How concidental?

Don't know if I've ever blogged about the fact there's a woman in my HR department who is born the same day as me but 20 years later.  She and I have some weird kind of complicity?  Synchronicity. Not sure the right word to use.  She even has 2 children, though boys, 18 months apart!

The funny thing is we are a lot alike and have many things in common. Including a predisposition to asthma and lung problems.  When I told her I had a broken rib, she empathized, she's broken a rib before.I had seen her briefly earlier in the week and she said she wanted to ask me some 'weird" questions.

Turns out that she had walking pneumonia this fall after having laryngitis. Just like me. More interesting even, I'm the 5th person she knows that had both since this summer.  I had strongly suspected that it was the flu that gave me laryngitis that developed into pneumonia.  Now I'm convinced of it.

HR girl was only prescribed antibiotics for 5 days at the Statcare so she ended up with a 2nd pneumonia 2 weeks later.  And then she got the bronchitis with the sinus infection that I had in December during the Christmas holidays with a gastro in between just to make her life more interesting.

I've always said I have a hard time breathing at work. Some days are worst then others, after she came back from New Years, she found it was so dry she couldn't breathe. Ended back at the clinic, where they said she has no infection, but her bronchi is so inflamed from the 2 pneumonia's followed by the bronchitis that she is now on asthma pumps. The red rescue pump like I'm currently using until I see the dr in 2 weeks.

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