Monday, December 12, 2016

Someone unplugged the freezer.

It's not me.  Of course it's not anyone else in the house.

Except it's only my food in that freezer. SO I had to toss out a full garbage bag full of food. I had at least 10 meals. I had Ethiopian stew, I had chick pea curry and I had a lentil stew and some pea soup in the freezer. Other than that I had tons of vegetable soup stock {used for making other veggie dishes and to season rice} and I had over $20 of meat I'd bought for Yule.  Oh and don't get me started on the 5 bags of frozen fruit that retail for about $5 per bag. Easily lost $200 for food and 10 hours of my time.

The freezer was unplugged by someone who wanted the extension cord.  That freezer can't plug there without one due to the shape of the plug and the fact that the garage door opener is plugged into the plug and goes in same direction.

I'm pretty upset.   It means I have to go find something to eat for lunch and it really PISSES ME OFF. I had food. I'd made food for myself. But it doesn't matter. Now I have none.  I had to throw it all out this morning Now I have to decide what garbage I'm going to be eating at lunch and frankly I have no appetite.


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