Friday, November 11, 2016

New Dryer.....

Maytag De806 - RIP after about 48 years!

Maytag DE 308 - picked up for $30

  My mom's faithful dryer that she bought when I was 6 years old died on us back in April. I didn't have money to call a Maytag repairman until now. Sadly it cost $130 to find out that the dead part was no longer available anywhere and could not be bypassed,  it was the timer mechanism. If it had been other parts, they were still available from Maytag. 

After I found out about the fact it could not be fixed, I went on Kijiji and looked for Maytag dryer. The first I found being sold alone as opposed to a pair of Washer/Dryer was one that looked a lot like my old one.  And he wanted $30 for it.  So after work we drove to ST Eustache to pick it up.  Works like a champ.  From the serial number I figured this one is about 10 years younger then my old one. Looks like it was manufactured in 1978,  Mine was from 1968

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