Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trip to St Denis and St Laurent

We went shopping. Terry wanted to check out screaming eagle as he would like a leather vest to play drums in and he recalled they had nice vests. He didn't see one he liked yesterday.

We also went to Rio and X20 on St Denis to check out the funky goth/alternative clothes, which inspires my sewing and look at the doc Martens. A new pair of Docs came home with me.  Cherry red with a zipper and 14 holes.

I was also hungry and right across the street from Rio is a place called Hippi Poutine.  They have 4 completely vegetarian poutines.They have a list of about 20-30 different type of poutines.  I had the Athena, I believe it was called. Basically it's like having a greek salad with French fries. It was delicious. Terry had a traditional poutine. He said it was excellent. If we are in the area again, we will Hippy Poutine again.

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