Thursday, September 29, 2016

Supports Assad but choses to stay anonymous

In the past week someone has been leaving anonymous comments on my blog about Bashar Al Assad. This twit had the nerve to say "Assad never killed any Christians".  Of course this idiot doesn't even have the balls to leave comments under anything other then ANONYMOUS.

Wow. I wonder where that person got their statistics? Maybe they are from Assad's family?  OR maybe they are relatives of Ms Kanou?

Anyone who knows anything about Syria knows that Aleppo has a large Christian population, both historically and than there was an influx of Armenians....

RIGHT NOW ASSAD IS PUMMELING THE FUCK OUT OF ALEPPO. So tell me again how Assad and his army has hurt no Christians.

But before we talk about Aleppo, how about we talk about Homs.  My ex mom in law was from Homs, about 30% of the population of Homs was Christian. There is not much left of Homs than rubble. So please tell me again how the Syrian government, Army led by Mr Assad has hurt no Christians.

Please tell me again how Assad is not responsible for the massacre of Children in Aleppo? 

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