Monday, September 19, 2016


I bought this motherboard back in early July for work. It took about a month to get to my desk. At the time I had promised my interns that they would get to set up this system. This was a mistake due to the complexity of the chipset on the motherboard but lesson learned.

The gave it their best shot but could never get the motherboard to post. The Power supply they used at the time was an ANTEC 850 W which seemed to me like it would have enough power.

The problem was, the X99 chipset is a haswell chipset and Haswell chipset motherboards need power supply that are EPS12V compliant. Thankfully this great informative site, gave me the information I needed.

Originally we thought the motherboard was defective because we tried several power supplies with no luck. Sadly none of the ones we tried were EPS12V compliant.

Gigabyte accepted an RMA, checked the board out, updated the BIOS and returned the board to me. By then I knew about the Powersupply limitations, so I'd asked my hardware guy to lend me one. He lent me a 450W Powersupply that did work. At least it told me my mobo was good.

Then I looked in my other big chassis, and I have an Antec 900 which is EPS12V compliant. After moving the motherboard and configuring it now everything works great.

It took nearly 2 months from the time I ordered this motherboard to the time the system is up and running, and now I've finally finishing installing the supported operating systems.

In case you're wondering, the chassis we used was an Antec ATX 902, which comes with a USB 3.0 plug from the chassis and I needed to buy an adapter for motherboard, because we've had this chassis for a few years and the original motherboard did not have USB 3.0 so the plug must have gotten lots with all the equipment here.

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