Friday, August 19, 2016

Sandbanks Proivincial Park

We decided to go back to Sandbanks in late August since Zoey was at camp all July and we knew she wanted to go back to Sandbanks. We figured we'd go in late August not on a long week-end and perhaps the park wouldn't be booked solid. We even arrived on a Thursday. They were booked solid. I've never seen a campground where you will never camp without  a reservation. So we went back to Sandbanks Beach resort.

The beach known as "The Dunes"

Next summer I'm going to figure out a week-end and reserve a campsite right on the beach. I noticed that when we went into the park we decided we were going to check out the campsites. We like the campsites near the outlet river, which gives on the outlet beach. We also noticed that most campsites in the outlet had 2 or 3 tents. So if I reserve next summer, I'll make sure to invite both daughters and whatever other friend can fit on the campsite, so we all get to benefit from being on the beach. I might even bring the canoe. I bet it's fun to canoe in that bay.

West lake and the Dunes

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