Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 14: Pictou, New Glascow, Truro & Atlantic Fabrics

In Pictou, Nova Scotia

Pictou Nova, Scotia
From Atlantic Fabrics in New Glascow
Close-up on this stunning dragonfly cotton print
Flannels from the Atlantic fabrics in Truro
Batiks from the Atlantic fabrics in Truro
On our way home from Caribou Munro Islands Provincial park we stopped in both New Glascow and in Truro at the Atlantic fabrics.  We were so early, the store didn't open till 9:30 I believe we were there at 8. The nice lady did let me in at 9:05. I asked if she had prints with dragonflies. She showed me this beige print with tiny little offwhite dragonflies, but the pinks below caught my attention. Some of the fabrics had a stained glass wannabee look to it and when I pulled out the bolt, I saw the dragonfly. When I showed the clerk she said she'd never noticed it, she asked the other clerk and she'd never noticed it either. The fabric was newly arrived that week,and it was 2/3  gone already. I also picked up a dark cherry red batik with spirals, for about $8.99 a meter. Batiks can go up to $20.00 a meter. 

I also stopped at the one in Truro and there I found some really cool newly arrived flannels. They were also liquidating old batiks fairly inexpensive in 2m coupons which is often enough for me to make a nice dress. I really enjoy making dresses batiks. One has a Navajo feel to it, and the other has a sea theme, in a plum colour and has spirals, octopi, crabs and other sea creatures.

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