Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Day 12: Mira River Provincial Park & Mira Gut

Louisbough Lighthouse

Fishing boat near Louisbourg
We had a lobster dinner at the Lobster Kettle in Louisboug.When we walked in my bf felt he was being looked at but with his long hair sometimes it happens. Actually what we didn't think about is that he was wearing his black sweatshirt, with the "Notre Dame" fighting Irish logo and 4 leave clovers. Louisbourg despite it's name is very scottish.

After a few minutes in the restaurant an older lady walked in and sat under the AC vent, which was freezing me. After a few minutes she notices Terry and tells him that this is a Scottish town. Of course he was nonplussed so she started talking to him asking where we were from and telling him about her travels. When our lobsters showed up she showed him how to break a lobster and how to eat it. As it goes she was the daughter of a lobster fisherman. She was quite entertaining and in her late 70s.
The Louisbourg fortress at a distance

Louisbourg Fortress.

Our Campsite at Mira River
Atlantic seen from beach at Mira Gut

Mira Gut Beach

Mira River at Dusk

Mira River at Dusk.
I love coming to Mira River Provincial park and going on spot 141 I believe which is just on the edge of the water. I always wish I had my canoe with me when I go there. Sounds like a great place to canoe. This time we went down the road, after I realized that maybe 5 km down the road is the Atlantic Ocean. At a place called Mira Gut. 

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