Saturday, July 02, 2016

Subways in Montreal treat gluten free request as a request to buy a ticket to Mars.

When we travelled to Charleston lake we stopped at a Subways in a small town off the 401 and they had gluten free bread. The kid who served me not only changed gloves but went to get a wrapped plastic knife and he also put my bread of a gluten free surface. He made me a 6" gluten free veggie sub that was devine.

Happy with my experience I attempted to replicate over the week-end. Well apparently asking for Gluten free bread in a Subway in the West Island is akin to asking if they sell tickets to Mars. One kid told me "We had it for a while but it didn't do well so we'll never have it again".

Well then Subway, if you want me as a customer, you need to offer bread I can eat. So since apparently gluten free bread is not going to be available in Montreal you've lost a good customer. Before I went gluten free I used to eat one or two Subway sandwiches a month.

You'd think that in a large city like Montreal, I'd be able to find a Subway with gluten free bread easier then in a Subway in a small town in Ontario, but apparently not.  It's like Subway doesn't care to get more clients.  If people are gluten free and you don't have gluten free bread and you are a sandwich shop then you are loosing on the gluten free clientele.

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