Saturday, June 25, 2016

Women who camp in Minivans!

The first time I ran across one it was in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in 2014. Next to us at Corney Brooke camping one night was a woman alone who camped in a minivan.Yes... She camped in her Minivan, not in a tent!  I thought it was a fluke or an aberration. I've been camping since my late teens and had never run across a single woman camping, with the rare exception of the all sporty girl that is as equipped as her male counterpart.

This particular woman also looked like she was maybe escaping a relationship fight or a bad situation. She had everything in her minivan, even some crappy wood to make herself a fire, which she did with no issues. She had brought herself a steak which she cooked on the fire with lots of smoke and she even came over to apologize for being smelly and noisy. [Which gave me feeling she wasn't used to being outdoors camping at the time, but perhaps it was just her personality]

She spent the evening by her campfire, and then before bed put everything back in her truck and slept in the back of her minivan. By the time we got up the next morning she was gone.

I've run across a 2nd woman who camped in her minivan at Charleston Lake Provincial Park, but she was visibly not someone who was running away but someone who had planned her trip and who visibly spent some time travelling alone. I noticed her because she was staring at us when we arrived. That's when I noticed she was a lone woman in a minivan, and EVERYTHING was in her minivan. She didn't even build a fire, but spent hours sitting in her chair on her site reading a book.  She stayed one night and was gone by morning.

Now I'm thinking women who camp in minivans, can be avid campers, who don't feel need to buy camping equipment to go camping. She seemed quite equipped together, and didn't even get phased out by the outhouse. Some women really don't like outhouses...

Googling this morning I found an article about women who camp in MiniVans! The article even promotes safety by giving tips to be inconspicuous..There's also a nice article about nomads in Minivans :)

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