Saturday, June 04, 2016

He was very ticked off

So we were sitting in the car after Tarping the tent and he feels something moving in his hair and he flings a bug out in the car, asking me what the fuck it is.

From memory it looked like a tick, having been an avid camper, I'm aware deer ticks can be a problem, so I googled it with my phone and confirmed he removed a tick from his sideburns on the right side.  The tick had left a red pin hole sized hole.

After doing some reading I concluded that the ease he had to remove the tick meant it hadn't been feeding for long if at all, so the risk of Lyme are almost nil. Though I keep looking at the area were he was bitten regularly to make sure he doesn't get LYme.

Funny enough my daughter's dog Zeus also got a deer tick about the same time.  His tick was far bigger then the one Terry removed from his head.

Last I checked Terry didn't seemed Lymed... just a little ticked off :)

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