Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poor little french Politician.

We were visited in Quebec by a French politician of extreme right. I was pleased that no one in Quebec really wanted to meet her.

She's a bigot and a racist.  She's going on and on about how our multiculturalism will be the death of our nation.  Well that's her opinion. What she fails to realize is that this country was build on immigrants and refugees. We are NOT an homogeneous white country. We are a country that had multiple founding nations and that also includes a vibrant indigenous community.

We are not post colonial Europe.  It blows my mind that all those close-minded Europeans are all upset that migrants from Africa and the middle-east are at their door. However when they were actively colonizing all those nations and stealing as much resources as they can, they didn't seem to find it such a big deal. Well what did you think would happen?  You've destroyed their country and their lives and now they are at your door asking you to help.

It blows my mind that white folks in Europe want to ship all the refugees home. Well perhaps if you want to send people home you shouldn't destroy their homes ....?

This policy that the EU has adopted to return refugees to Turkey in exchange for "real refugees" vetted by the UN is moronic. People are already there......

Also it's sad that half of those refugee camps in Europe are mostly DETENTION CENTERS.  I really hope that the people who decide these sub human policies are never stuck being refugees themselves.....

Once last note.... the anti-Muslim retoric must stop. We don't condemn all catholics for the pedophine priests, we don't condemn all Christians for the KKK... why blame all Muslims for DAESH?

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