Monday, February 08, 2016

Feminism doesn't mean blindly following other women

I've never cared much for US politics but I do have opinions. Last time I had an opinion was before Obama  was chosen to represent the democrats. Even back then though I thought it was nice Hilary Clinton was running, I clearly saw Obama as being a better choice.

Well several years later, still not a huge fan of Mrs. Clinton. While I'd like to see a female president, not any woman will do. Mrs Clinton to me represents the values of the Old boys club, the one her husband was part of.  I don't have huge opinions on Bernie Sanders, but I'm definitely feeling "The Bern".

I think it's pathetic that Albright and Steinhem think that young women should just be supporting another woman, instead of the best choice for them!

I'm all with this articulate young woman, who says it best. I believe an America run by Sanders will be a better America for young women.

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