Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Zoey spent the time we were in Nova Scotia in Montreal with her grandmother. We realized today that she might have lice again. Her grandma pointed out she was scratching in her sleep.

I so feel sorry. She had lice treatment 3 times last year that I know of. I've been there when 2 of the treatments were done.  Of course I've also had my S.O. check my  head for lice because he's so paranoid that his daughter will give them to me as well.

So today we spent lunch together and he went to the pharmacy to ask for the prescription lice product, which costs $75 as opposed to the over the counter product which is about $20 but seems to not work very well on some resistant bugs.

We aren't sure if she caught them from school or from her grandma's home. Her cousin had lice as well in the fall and he spends a fair amount of time at Grandma's. She spent 7 days at Grandma's over the Christmas vacation so who knows.

She is now lice free, her room is lice free. We've been delousing the house to make sure they don't come back.Though my head was itchy and just writing this post is making it more itchy, I had no lice. I've never had lice. My S.O. think it's because my hair is too fine, no where for the lice to hide. Could very well be. 

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