Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dashing through the snow.....

So we had an adventure this morning on the way to work.   Trying to avoid a snow removal truck, we landed in the front lawn of a nice man living on Arragon on the corner of Namur. We hadn't even had time to try to get out of the snow bank when a passing car stopped to ask if we were ok.  We waved her off.

The man who's front property we landed, kept asking if we were ok. Like a good Canadian I kept apologizing. Lucky I'm not dating George of the Jungle and we didn't hit the tree!!!! However there are bits of fir tree all over the Suzuki still...

Thank you to the CAA that were there within 10 minutes of my call to pull us out of the snowbank.

Some days it's just better if you stay in bed.   Where I'm spending the rest of the day!

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