Tuesday, October 06, 2015

And then, there were three

Since December 2013, my friend has been living in my basement. I had offered her to stay in my basement to give her opportunity to find a job in Montreal. Sadly the unemployment rate for people with limited French in Montreal is really high and she could just find a cleaning job which barely paid for food and gas to get around. But it was better then Oromocto.

Since May 2015, my youngest daughter has been staying with me since coming back from the UK. She was hoping to find a teaching job, but finding teaching jobs in Montreal in English school boards is almost impossible. With all the austerity messages and the cuts at the English school boards, she has not found much. It's really sucky because my daughter is highly qualified and has an awesome resume. She was hoping to move out before the end of the summer, but asked if she could stay till October to save up more money. Don't get me wrong she's working hard at the pool, but this is not a good paying job in comparison to what she could make teaching.

In mid August I asked my significant other if he wanted to move in along with his daughter. He did and has been living with me since sometime in August.  That means that about 3 weeks ago at some point there was 8 people in my house. THere was my friend, along with her 3 visiting children, my daughter, my SO and his daughter. Wanted to take a photo and should have...

So my daughter moved out on Sunday. Her dad came down from Ottawa with a bed and a moving truck and helped her get things out of my house. Though I'm really sad she has not found a job, I am happy for her.  She's going to be 27 tomorrow and she is in her own place. I remember being in my 20's and wanting a place of my own.  I never had a place of my own till I was nearly 40. Always lived with someone.

My friend was planning on moving to Norway sooner then later, but now she has to go back to New Brunswick because her asshole ex, got training for 4 months and possibly work for months, where he won't be home.  Sadly her youngest, now 13, was so traumatized last year by Beechwood school he never wants to come back to school in Montreal. He wouldn't have to go to Beechwood, he could go to PCHS but he's not budging. He likes it in New Brunswick. So my friend is sadly moving back to New Brunswick. At least while she's there her asshole ex won't be.

So as of tomorrow night, there will be just the 3 of us in my house.

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