Friday, August 28, 2015

Window upates are always a PITA

Don't know what's up of late but Windows updates is really pissing me off.

Currently I'm either refreshing or reinstalling Windows 8.1  along with Windows 10 on multiple machines.  In April 2014 there was a massive update for Windows 8.1, and I've been installing with that version. There's over 150 updates to add over that version and of late for some reason, while update it seems to jam randomly on one update. Not the same one on every system, just random.

You notice 1 or 2 hours later that the message is the same. You stop the updates, let the system reboot, and restart and it gets stuck again at the same place. Sometimes I have to stop, reboot and restart updates multiple times before it finally gets all it's updates.
I wonder how many days people have let their PC run for fear of killing it?

Of course I can hear someone saying "Fuck the updates, ignore them". Uhm. no.   If I don't update my systems, on the day I have a critical test to do for my boss in 2 minutes, I will reboot this system and it will decide it's installing 200 updates and won't be ready until next day!

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