Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vacation nears end

Friday was the only day we got rain. We got a storm around 3pm, that lasted 2-3 hours and we couldn't help but wonder if we'd get neighbours that night.  The Thursday night we got 3 locals who crossed with Kayaks and canoe, from the same place we did. They were surprisingly anglophones that live around Lac Temiscouata, that like to come for a night on Grand Lac Touladis.

By 7pm the sky was mostly clear and it had stopped raining but no one came our way that night. It was nice, a friday night on Grand Lac Touladis and we were all alone. 

It felt incredibly nice. One of the things I hate about living in the city, is that people are too close by. I can feel people's moods, and when there are too many people who are angry or sad or depressed, I feel it all and it burdens me. Around lac temiscouata that night, there was just my companion and I. It was so peaceful for my soul.

We did get new neighbors Saturday afternoon. I heard them coming, I kept telling my partner I was hearing a crying 2 year old. As it turns out it was a young couple with a child between 18-24 months. Walked and talked but whined and cryed a lot too. These were the most antisocial people we saw on the canoe-camping sites. Usually people will say hello and smile, this guy looked at us suspiciously. Probably felt uncomfortable around my friends beautiful long blond hair. Some people are just afraid of guys with long hair.

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