Friday, August 21, 2015

The birds of Parc National du lac Temiscouata.

We saw quite a few birds, but then I found the list of birds that can be spotted in Parc National du lac Temiscouata, over 155. I think we spotted about 12, that I can recall.

Of course we saw seagulls, and swallows. We saw blue jays and robins.     I heard the chickadees and the nuthatches. The loons sang most nights and we saw them fishing most days.

We saw several eagles over the span of the 7 days we were in the park. In fact I even have photos with 3 eagles flying. Raven flew by a few times, and often to tell me I had a friend messaging me.

The bird I was most surprised to see was a kingfisher. Saw it several times. THe first time I was so stunned, I just stood looking at it with my mouth opened. Never dawned on me to take a photo!!!

We also saw some herons, but I get the feeling it wasn't the great blue heron but more the a different type of Heron. The great blue herons I've seen look a bit different.

We also heard all sorts of ducks and Canada geese.

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