Monday, August 10, 2015


It's unfortunate that most women, don't know what a clit really looks like. We are all taught in biology that it's the little knob that sticks out. That it's the female penis because it does get erect when stimulated.

But that was all I knew for many years. I didn't know that the clit is much like an iceberg and all you see is the tip. As well. from what I've read, the G-spot, is not actually a particular spot at all but also part of the clit.

Most of us can recognize a penis and testicles from a shadow drawing. Most people, including women, don't know what a clit really looks like. That included me until a few months ago. Now am clitorate.

It's sad, even men who know how to please a woman using her clit wouldn't recognize it's depiction at all.

Today everyone who reads my blog will know what a clit looks like and since half the population has one, this is not a bad thing!

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